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Harmony and Hope is a travelling ministry bringing worship services and ceremonies to your community.  We are spreading a message of justice and love wherever we go. We work with your worship team to meld our offering with your liturgy.  We are open to what elements of the service we provide based on your needs.  New services are being developed all the time and our current worship services are:


A New Song for the South - As a person with a Southern white heritage, Rev. Donna speaks on how she came to make reparation payments for the enslavement of African American by her ancestors in Virginia and Georgia.  This journey required facing hidden racist attitudes and delivered deep healing.   John surprises us with his own rendition of a very familiar Southern song.

Trickster Makes the World - The ancient archetypal energy of the Trickster is all around us these days.  It shows up at crossroads and boundaries where confusion, doubt and misdirection are in play.  It even makes reevaluate "what is truth?'.  Rev. Donna asks "Can we find a way to 'trick the Trickster' and bring more JOY into our lives?"  Special songs by John that will make you smile and a puppet show for the young at heart called Raven Tricks Raven.

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